Barney C.

Barney C. from Maple Grove MN, just graduated from Interstate’s 160 Hour  Professional Tractor Trailer Course. He made good use of our online training as he did most of his classroom and coursework from home. We are so happy to see Barney take his next step as he is beginning his new career as a truck driver for Werner Enterprises. Check out Barney had to say about his time at Interstate Truck Driving School.

Ty R.

Ty R. came to Interstate looking for a new career. He took our 160 hour program and now he’s going to work for Knight Transportation out of Pheonix AZ. He’s very excited to get going, and we are very proud of him.

CDL License restriction

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CDL License restriction

In 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration called for a restriction on CDL licenses for drivers using a Commercial Vehicle for a CDL road test when equipped with an automatic transmission. The state of Minnesota adapted that change as of May 4th, 2015. Now when a driver takes a CDL road test in a Commercial Vehicle that has an automatic transmission, the driver is restricted when driving commercial vehciles to only those CMVs with an automatic transmission.  The CDL restriction does not effect a driver's ability to drive a non CMV with a manual transmission.

XXYour New Career Starts Here

Your New Career Starts Here

Interstate Truck Driving School Provides the highest quailty training in Minnesota!
Interstate is Minnesota's oldest and largest private truck driving school.  Owned and operated by Bill Collins.  Bill is a U. S. Army Vietnam Veteran and Interstate's Professional Program is approved for Veterans using their G.I. Bill Veterens Benefits.  

  • We have top notch professional training that will help you start your new career today!

  • Our state of the art simulator will prepare you for absolute success with no risk at all!

  • Our students are placed with the best companies in the Midwest and beyond!

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Mike S.

Mike S. just graduated from Interstate’s 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program and now he’s on his way to becoming a million mile driver! Mike utilized our online training to get some of his training done from home. We wish you the best Mike!!!

Check out what Mike had to say about his time at Interstate Truck Driving School.

Bob Christensen

Bob is a former Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driving Examiner and he has extensive experience in the trucking industry. He teaches our morning classes with a direct and fun demeanor. Students will greatly benefit from the years of experience that Bob has, and the knowledge that he brings into the classroom.

Bill Collins

Bill is the founder and sole owner of Interstate Truck Driving School.  He has been licensed as a Professional Driving Instructor since 1979 and driving big rigs since 1975.  Bill has trained thousands of students over the years including police officers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and high school students.


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