Sam Njeri

 Another great student heading to Schneider.  Sam did a really good job and passed his road test on his first attempt.  All of the instructors commented on how well they liked working with him.  

Jonathan B

Jonathan B. from Mankato, MN came into our program wanting a better career and knew truck driving was going to be a great fit. He was able to complete his classroom time using our online system and we were able to work around his work schedule in order to get his drive time completed. He intends on driving for Melton Lines.

Marcella A.

Marcella just got his Class A license and is now a official truck driver. He came through our program determined to get his Class A license and that's what he did. He passed his first road test and he couldn't be happier.

Jason Jones

Jason J. is one of our Veteran students that was able to take advantage of hi GI Bill Benefits to fund his training. He came in and flew his training program. While he's not sure where he wants to go to work, he'll make a great and safe driver.


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