Jason Jones

Jason J. is one of our Veteran students that was able to take advantage of hi GI Bill Benefits to fund his training. He came in and flew his training program. While he's not sure where he wants to go to work, he'll make a great and safe driver.

John K.

John K. has finished his Professional Training Course and is now going to be driving for McLane. He had a great mindset soming into his training and that is something we feel priceless. He's going to make a great driver. 

Micheal B.

Micheal B. has finished his training program. He started with classroom time, working on rules of the road along with the most important topic, the Pre-Trip Inspection. He spent a lot of time working on that Pre-Trip so there would be no questions as to how comfortable he was with that portion of the test. After completing some One-on-One behind the wheel time with out excellent instructors, Micheal passed his first road test with flying colors. 

Kris Conrad

Kris from Northfield, MN has just finished his Professional Training Course. He was sent to us from McLane and now he'll be driving for them, delivering goods all over the metro and 5 state area. Kris started his training with in early November and in less than 6 weeks he was able to pass his first road test with flying colors, and complete his training.

Matt Hacker

Matt Hacker is the newest member of our Customer Support Team.  He previously was a production supervisor for a national retail chain and has excellent customer service skills.  Matt is new to the trucking industry but he has immersed himself in learning about of the options available to our students.  Matt takes the time to get to know our students so he can find the best opportunities for them when they graduate from training. 

Matt is also an avid Vikings Fan so he is enjoying the 2017 Football season so far. 

Dennis Barry

Dennis Barry served with the U. S. Army and was deployed three times overseas.  His life after the service has not been easy for him....he has faced some real challanges.  

When Dennis came to us, he was commited to doing whatever it takes to complete his training and create a new opportunity for himself.  He did just that and it was our pleasure working with him.  

Dennis Barry

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Dennis Barry

Interstate Truck Driving School is owned and operated by a U. S. Army Veteran.  We are also approved for training by the Veterans Approval Board for Vets using their G. I. Bill Benefits.  We are also proud to be a part of an industry that really goes the extra mile for Vets.  

This interview with Dennis is just one example of the work we do at Interstate.  We are proud of what he has accomplished and grateful to have the opportunity to assist he and the rest of the Vets the grace us with their presence.  

Great week at the Exam Station

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Great week at the Exam Station

We had a great week at the exam station with students taking their CDL road tests.  The cold weather that came in toward the end of the week did not dampen our Spirits, especially with all of the great job opportunities waiting for our students when they graduate. 


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