Pamela B.

Pam really worked hard at learning what it takes to be successful driving a big rig.  She had never driven a manual transmission before but she was determined to spend the time and effort to developed her skills.  We really admire Pam for her strong commitment to the learning process. With her attitude, she will be successful where ever she goes.

Industry Update

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Industry Update

                 Fleet Owner                    |July 28, 2017  by James Jaillet

Senate DOT bill, unlike House, skips changes to ELD mandate, driver breaks

A spending bill cleared by the Senate Appropriations Committee this week is free of any trucking-related policy reforms, a departure from the House’s version of the same bill, which includes several trucking policy riders.

Merlin Williams

Merlin did a great job with his training with us.  He passed his first CDL road test.  He also did a really good job with the big rigs and demonstrated excellent backing skills. 

Stevens Transport Recruiting Event

Stevens Transport Recruiting Event *

* This visit was canceled. Please check our Job Placement page for upcoming recruiter visits and postings on the job board.

A representative from Stevens Transport will be at our South. St. Paul Campus to talk about the opportunities they have for students. They're based in Dallas and they are the largest refrigerated based company in the State of Texas.

Trucking Industry Update

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Trucking Industry Update

All of the industry reports are showing strong freight prices, especially for flat bed loads.  That is an especially good sign as freight moved on flat bed is usually tied to infrastructure improvement. Dry van freight is stable and refrigerated freight is also strong.


The trucking industry continues to brace for the looming requirement for Electronic Logging Devices to become mandatory on December 18th of this year.

Sam Winger

Sam is our newest and youngest instructor.  He brings the spark of a millennial and is really good at helping students on the simulators and with their backing skills. We have students from a wide range of ages and Sam complements our staff with his sharp eye and enthusiasm.

Terry P from Ham Lake

Terry took our 160 Hour Professional Refresher Program.  This training will qualify him for a position with the major trucking companies that hire our students. The Program can be completed in as little as three weeks. Couse work can be done remotely online as Terry did.   A valid Class A CDL license is required to enroll in this program.  Stay safe and keep in touch.

Great Opportunities for Women in Trucking

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Great Opportunities for Women in Trucking

Here are some comments from an article WBTV.COM:

We’ve got news for you: Some industries, you may have never considered before are “HIRING,” and you’re exactly what they’re looking for. There’s even new recruiting campaigns to attract women to apply.

There may be no such thing as a “man’s world” for long! There is a huge shortage of drivers right now.


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