Bill M.

Frequently, we have students enroll who are working either a full-time or part-time jobs. Interstate is open 7 days a week; Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sundays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. This provides our students ample opportunity to get their training completed. In Bill's case, he had some long hours but he was determined and put in the work necessary to successfully complete the Class A program.

Todd B.

At Interstate Truck Driving School we really encourage our students to work together practicing pre-trip inspections and studying for their road tests. Many students work in pairs or teams to help each other. As in Todd's case - it really pays off to have this additional support.

KARE 11 News: Truck Driver Shortage Raising Prices

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KARE 11 News: Truck Driver Shortage Raising Prices

If you see prices creeping higher for everything from cereal to socks in the next few months, you can probably blame this stark reality: There aren’t enough truck drivers delivering the goods to stores.

Kare 11 News out of Minnesota featured a story which covers the recent driver shortage in the U.S. Carriers from all over visit truck driving schools like ours in hopes of filling driver seats. While students do indeed go on to have great careers as truck drivers, there is still a abundant need for more drivers.

Lisa D.

Lisa was a fabulous student! She put in the time and effort to make sure she had the skillset down to pass her pre-trip inspection and road test. She was also very helpful in counseling other students who asked for her assistance, which is always much appreciated. She had a great work-ethic, always on time and prepared. 

Richard H.

Richard enrolled in the 200-Hour manual transmission course and did just great. He picked up well on the driving and shifting skills. He was persistent and dedicated to the process, which paid off! 

R & E Enterprises

R & E Enterprises

R & E Enterprises out of Mankato, MN will be presenting at our school located in South St. Paul. 

R & E Enterprises is a family owned, Mankato based trucking company servicing most of the continental U.S. Committed to quality service, we take great pleasure in establishing long-lasting business relationships with our clients. 

We pride ourselves on delivering freight in a timely, professional manner.

7up / Snapple

7up / Snapple *

* This visit was canceled. Please check our Job Placement page for upcoming recruiter visits and postings on the job board.

Tina H. from 7Up / Snapple will be presenting at our school in South St. Paul. She will be talking about all of the driving jobs they have available and how to start a new career in their driving division. 

Improvements in the Trucking Industry

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Improvements in the Trucking Industry

The Trucking industry is always has been, and it always will change to reflect how the market changes.

The driver shortage and the implementing of Electronic Logging Devices has had some very beneficial effects on our industry.  Here is an article from BLOOMBERG published on  SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2018

Once at the mercy of shippers, truckers now are turning the tables, thanks to surging freight demand and a shortage of drivers.


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