Ray D.

Ray was one of our most diligent students. He attended all the classes, some more than one time to ensure he received all the information and knowledge he could. He asked excellent questions and his positive attitude helped him through each step. 

John D.

We couldn't be more pleased that John chose Interstate Truck Driving School for his CDL training. He is an incredibly hard worker along with being such a nice guy. All the staff and instructors appreciated his participation and persistence.

Abdikarim A.

Abidkarim was one of our most diligent students. He came to class everyday, asked excellent questions, engaged the staff and students. He was top-notch with his pre-trip inspection. A great work ethic that resulted in his Class A CDL license!

Clement T

We are so pleased that Clement chose Interstate Truck Driving School for his CDL training. His hard work and persistent obviously paid off! 

Dan B.

Dan, we appreciate the recommendation but you put in the work and it paid off! Congratulations, we look forward to hearing from you in the future and hopefully seeing you behind the wheel of your big rig.

Sebring Florida

The first race of the year for the Interstate Truck Driving School Corvette was at the famed Sebring Race Track in Florida.  Sports cars have been racing at the airport based track since 1952 every March in the 12 Hours of Sebring.  Famous drivers from all over the world have competed at the track and Bill Collins, who has raced cars for over 50 years, has always wanted to race at the a historic venue.  

Donald E.

Donald came through our Professional Tractor Trailer and is now going to be working for his current employer, Synergy RV Transport. He finished his program in 7 weeks and passed his first road test.

Update on Driver Shortage

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Update on Driver Shortage

Bob Costello from the American Trucking Association projects out the driver shortage and it is a big number.

April 3, 2018  John Kingston, executive editor, Freight Waves


Calling it his "warning shot to the industry," the chief economist of the American Trucking Associations  foresees a grim future for the supply of truckload drivers in the U.S. over the next eight years.


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