Schneider's 'On The Road To Being A Healthy Driver'

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Schneider's 'On The Road To Being A Healthy Driver'

One of the largest truck load carriers Schneider recently posted a couple articles from driver JD Simpson. JD started his journey in 2013 when he met his fiance.

We were talking one day and she said, “I want you to be around for a long time. You need to get healthy.” That flipped the light switch.  I had found a diet that really worked for me and by early 2014, I had lost a lot of weight."

While some people may find JD's diet a bit extreme, he got the results that he was looking for. The article is posted in two parts.

Jacob L. Testimonial

Jacob L. from Braham, MN just graduated from our 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer COurse and is now a certified truck driver! He has decided to drive for Werner and will make a great driver.

Tim P. Testimonial

Tim P. from Apple Valley, MN is now a certified truck driver and he now has the skills to be one of the safest drivers on the road. Now that he has his Class A CDL he has decided to go to work for Dedicated Logistics out of Oakdale, MN. It's a local driving job so he'll be home every day.

Dean T. Testimonial

Dean from Sandstone, MN came to Interstate cause he knew the trucking industry was booming and that he could get a good job, making good money driving truck. He's looking at two companies to go with between Coke and Upper Lakes Foods. 

Swift Recruiter Visit

Swift Recruiter Visit

Swift Transportation is one of the nation’s largest truck load carriers. They have hired many of our students and show no signs of slowing down.  Swift has a very wide variety of jobs for new students and they also have a terminal in Inver Grove Heights.

It's not the innovative equipment or the best freight that makes us a career destination. It's our dedication to acknowledging our drivers for being the professionals we know they are. We have a proud culture of supporting every driver, every mile, every day. 

J-Mar Enterprises Recruiting Event

J-Mar Enterprises Recruiting Event

A recruiter from the Bismark, ND trucking company J-Mar Enterprises will be at our South St. Paul location. J-Mar is a smaller, family owned truck driving company that prides themselves on the attention they give to their drivers. If you're not looking for a major carrier, J-Mar is right for you. Check out what they have to offer. 

US Xpress Recruiting Event

US Xpress Recruiting Event

US Xpress will be presenting at Interstate Truck Driving School's South St. Paul location. We have had several students go to US Xpress and rave about the pay and benefits. Especially from the students that go team. Check out what US Xpress can offer you.

Nuradin M.

Nuradin M. from Minneapolis, MN just graduated from Interstate's 160 hour course. He is starting with DART Transit this Monday and is very excited to start his new career as a truck driver.

Shawn G.

Shawn G. from Owatonna, MN just graduated from Interstate's Professional Tractor Trailer course with the hopes of driving for a local company. We work with a bunch of local carriers so  we're sure he'll be able to find something close to home.

Jeffery R.

Jeff R. from Montgomery, MN came to Interstate looking for a new career. He took our 160 Hour professional tractor trailer course and now has the skills and the license to work for a wide variety of carriers. While he's not sure exactly where he's going to work, which ever company hires Jeff will be getting a very good driver.


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