Charles W.

Charles from Maplewood MN, just graduated from our 160 Hour Program. He came in with a great attitude from the start and now he's got his Class A CDL along with his 160 hour certificate. Not only that, but he also has a job at Dart waiting for him. He hopes to be starting soon. 

Andrew L.

Andrew from Bloomington, MN took our Professional Tractor Trailer Program and is know the owner of a Class A CDL along with a 160 Hour Certificate. We work with almost 40 carriers and he has the training to go to work for any one them. He has chosen to drive for Werner Enterprises out of Omaha, NE.

Susan C.

Susan C. works for CHS and was looking to add to her qualifications. So she decided to come to our school and take our Professional Tractor Trailer Course so she could not only get her Class A CDL, but also a wealth of knowldge when it comes to driving safely. She is now a CDL license holder and we are so happy that she chose to come to our school.

Bill Collins Wins 2015 SCCA Driver Of The Year Award

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Bill Collins Wins 2015 SCCA Driver Of The Year Award

The Land of Lakes region of the Sports Car Club of America presented Bill Collins, the owner and founder of Interstate Truck Driving School with the "Road Racing Driver of the Year" Award for 2015.  

Bill's passion for driving runs deep.  He has raced cars for over 45 years and driven the big rigs for over 40.  As the owner of the school, Bill has the opportunity to share his passion for driving with new drivers that can take advantage of the financial benefits of the trucking industry.

Mohamed Hussein

Mohamed came from Texas to find a new career. He already had his Class A CDL, but needed the proper training to go to work for Swift Transportation. He took out 160 Hour Class A Refresher and now he's planning on going to work for Swift very soon.

Paul Holmquist

Paul Holmquist is our Wisconsin instructor.  He has extensive experience in the trucking industry including the oil fields of North Dakota.  Paul also has been in charge of training drivers, both new and experienced.  His broad experience is a benefit to all of our students along with his talent to identify individual needs of his students.

Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders is a former MN Dept of Public Safety DVS examiner and a former Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Inspector.  Mark has a passion for traffic safety and has extensive mechanical knowledge that helps our students really understand what is necessary to operate the big trucks safely.  He is also very skilled at discovering what each student needs from him as an instructor to help them learn in a way that is tailored to them as an individual.

Joan B.

Joan from Bloomington, MN took our Professional Tractor Trailer program for one reason, and that was so she could go over the road with her husband. She tagged along with him for a while and was still able to get her classroom and coursework done via our online training while being over the road. She will be joining Pro Drive with her husband in the coming days.


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