Josh H.

Josh H. from North St. Paul is now a truck driver! The young man came into our training program in late March and is now, less than two months later he's ready to begin his new career with Coca Cola.

Schneider Recruiting Event

Schneider Recruiting Event

Bryan Schafer from Schneider will be visiting our South St. Paul campus to talk about the opportunities they have for new drivers. Schneider is based out of Green Bay, WI and have placed a lot of our students.  The students who come back to our school have always had great things to say about Schneider.

More reasons professional drivers choose Schneider:

Steady freight

Enjoy access to one of the largest freight bases in the industry. Our diverse customer base will keep your truck moving and making money year-round.

Samad S.

Samad S. from Bloomington, MN has just finished his 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program. Now that he has his Class A CDL license and his training certificate, his plan is to go drive for Schneider.

Damon W.

Damon W. from Falcon Heights, MN just graduated from Interstate's Professional Tractor Trailer Program. He was able to take some of his coursework from home by using our online training program. Now he's looking to drive for Sysco out of Spring Lake Park.

Brent O.

Brent O. from St. Paul has just graduated from Interstate's Professional Tractor Trailer Program. Now with his Class A CDL he has decided to go drive for a local company out of St. Paul.

Cindy S.

Cindy S. came to Interstate looking to get her Class A CDL and go over the road. Now that she passed her CDL Road Test and completed her 160 Hours of training, she's hoping to drive for a company based out of her hometown of Hudson. 

Steven S.

Steven S. just graduated from our 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program. He was able to comlete the training program in less than 2 months and is now driving for Werner making great money in this secure and growing industry.

Slip-seating: Can it make trucking more productive?

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Slip-seating: Can it make trucking more productive?

One firm argues it’s the only way to maximize per-truck revenue while reducing taxes.

Apr 27, 2016Sean Kilcarr | Fleet Owner

It’s long been an unspoken rule of sorts in trucking: one driver assigned to one truck, or in the case of team operations, two drivers to one truck. Only in occasional circumstances, such as routine maintenance or breakdowns, is a driver or team assigned to a different truck.

Stephen B.

Stephen B. just graduated from our Professional Tractor Trailer Program. He has been working for US Foods for some time but wanted to get the CDL License so he could be more versitle at work. He was able to work while taking with us due in part to our online training program. He got most of his hours completed from home using our very easy to use online program.


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