Greg R.

Greg R. from St. Paul graduated from our 160 Hour course and is now he's driving for American Midwest. Greg passed his first road test with Interstate's training and finished his behind the wheel time in a 10 speed trandmission with a 53 foot trailer. Now he's ready for just about any truck that'll be thrown his way.

Scott H.

Scott H. from South St. Paul has just graduated from Interstate's 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program. He took advantage of our online training program and was able to get some of his coursework done from home. On top of that Scott passed his first road test!

Jodi H.

Jodi H. from Minneapolis is now a graduated of Interstate Truck Driving School! She came in with a great attitude and completed the program in 8 weeks. She also passed her test the first time through. Jodi has decided to go driving for Halvor and will be starting in the next week.

Stan L.

Stan L. took his first CDL Road Test earlier this week and passed with a perfect score. Check out the video to get the full story on how he did so.

Robb L.

Robb L. just graduated from Interstate's Professional Tractor Trailer Program and now he's ready to begin his new career as a truck driver. With his Class A CDL and a 160 Hour Training Certificate he can go to work for any of the nearly 40 carriers that hire our students. Robb isn't sure yet where he wants to drive yet, but he's looking at either Halvor Lines or N.S.O.P.


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