Donald S.

Donald S. from Brunsville just graduated from our 160 Hour Course. He passed his first road test and was able to finish his training in less than two months. While he's not sure where to go to work yet, he is choosing between three companies and that is something that makes our industry special. Graduates can literally have multiple job offeres before they graduate.

David G.

David G. just graduated from Interstate's 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Refresher Course. He's had his Class A for a while, but he needed the training in order to be hireable by the company he wanted to work for which was Schneider.  Having prior knowledge not only helped him complete the course, but he was also a big help to other students who didn't have as much experience. 

Abdirizak M.

Abdirizak, a.k.a. "Johnny" came into Interstate with a great additude and had a smile on his face everytime he came in. Now after he completed his 160 hour course he is now driving for Transport America.

July Jobs Report is in!

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July Jobs Report is in!

The July Jobs report came out today and things are looking good.  We noticed that many of the jobs created were well paying positions and that helps everybody.

Truck drivers will benefit from the additional cash flow into the economy from the new jobs.  The newly employed will be spending their paychecks purchasing products moved by truckers.

Here are some excerpts from a Wall Street Journal article"

Andrea A.

Andrea A. has just graduated from Interstate's 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program and we are so excited for her. She passed her first road test and now she's about to start her new career as a trucker. She's hoping to go drive for Pepsi.

Ashley N.

Ashley N. came in wanting to learn how to drive a big rig so she could drive locally. She came in with a great attitude and never let anything get in her way. She took her test when both she and her trainers felt she would pass, and she did. Now she's going to be doing exactly what she set out to do. She'll be driving locally for Fed Ex.

Minnesota Resident Training Programs

Minnesota Resident Training Programs

Minnesota Residents are eligible for any of our training programs.  Driver training is conducted at our campus in South St. Paul, class and coursework is done on compus or on line.  Testing for the CDL road test will be done at a state of Minnesota facility by Minnesota Department of Public Safety examiners.


We have training programs for Class A, Class B, and Passenger Bus.  We also have refresher programs for Class A.  



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