ABF Freight Recruiting Visit

ABF Freight Recruiting Visit

A representative from ABF Frieght out of Fort Smith, Arkansas will be at our South St. Paul office.

Richard B.

Richard B. from Wayzata just completed his Class A CDL training with us. He had a very successful road test as he passed both the driving and the Pre-Trip on the first try. Now Richard will be driving for FedEx Freight.

Daniel S.

Daniel S. has completed his 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program. He started with us two months ago and passed his first road test and is now going to be driving for US Holland.

David B.

David B. from New Prague just finished up his Class A CDL Training Program. In less than two months, David was able to complete his program, pass his first road test and get a job driving for Dominos. David will be the first Interstate graduate to go to work driving for Dominos!

Scott A.

Scott A. is now a Class A truck driver. He started with our training program in May and in less than two months he was able to not only complete the Professional Tractor Trailer Course and pass his test  on the first try, but he was able to secure a job working for Halvor Lines. 

Steve N.

Steve N. from Montrose, MN just graduated from Interstate's 160 Hour Professional Program. He started with a great attitude and finished with an even better one. He's not sure where he wants to go to work yet, but that won't stop him from being a very safe and reliable driver. 

Interstate Assisting With Hope For Haiti

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Interstate Assisting With Hope For Haiti

Interstate Truck Driving School delivered 40,000 pounds of rice to the military air base at MSP July 7th to help out the Real Hope for Haiti campaign. The Airforce Reserve will be taking this load of rice to Haiti without charge as part of a training mission. Sometimes we forget just how huge of a contribution our military makes toward humanitarian efforts helping people all over the globe.

Disc Brakes are becoming more accepted in the trucking industry

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Disc Brakes are becoming more accepted in the trucking industry

The following article is from Fleet Owner by Aaron Marsh:

Pinnacle Express operates fuel trucks servicing the aviation industry.  In order to deal with their heavy loads, they have purchased truck and trailers with disc brakes to help them stop quickly if there's some obstacle or accident suddenly in front their drivers.

"My drivers, because we haul fuel tankers, are trained not to 'avoid' the accident," says Jim Fox, the fleet's vice president and general manager. "They cannot turn the wheel to avoid, because they will roll over and it will lead to a much bigger problem.

Sysco Recruiter Event

Sysco Recruiter Event *

* This visit was canceled. Please check our Job Placement page for upcoming recruiter visits and postings on the job board.

Sysco has a location in Eagan MN. They are currently looking for Class A CDL Drivers and will be having a driver recruiting event at our South St. Paul location.

At Sysco, we’re much more than food. We’re about everything that surrounds it. Our passion for food and our customers has made us the industry leader. Sysco has the talent and reach to go beyond the needs and expectations of our customers. Because it’s our people who are driving the changes to the way we make food possible.


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