Commercial Vehicle Inspector Safety Presentation

Commercial Vehicle Inspector Safety Presentation

Along with traffic law enforcement, it is the responsibility of the Minnesota State Highway Patrol to educate the commercial vehicle industry of safe and legal operation procedures. In keeping with that mission, Commercial Vehicle Inspector Tim Bloomquist visits Interstate Truck Driving School on a regular basis to enlighten our students with proper procedures and an overview of the relationship between the State Patrol and Commercial Drivers.

Ayla S.

Ayla S. from Milaca MN, graduated from our Professional Tractor Trailer Program. She needed a program that could work around the fact that she would be coming from a town about an hour and a half away. With our flexibility we were able to make it work. She was a fantastic student and will for sure be a safe and reliable truck driver.

Curtis C.

Curtis just graduated from our 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program. He came in with a great additude and kept his head high. While he isn't sure which company he's going to be driving for yet, we know that he'll make a excellent driver.

Susan Towle

Susan is our newest member of our customer support team. She previously worked as a vocational instructor. Her many years spent as an educator has allowed her to develop the organizational and communication skills necessary for excellent customer supportSusan enjoys spending time with her family, consisting of her husband Jeremy, and their children Ariana and Logan. She also has two canine children Bella Blu and Chico (pugs)





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