Joseph Howell

Joe is from Gilbert Minnesota...just east of Eveleth up on the Iron Range.  He is working on getting a job up in that area.

Justin Duran

Justin was an excellent student and also a great member of the student body.  He was always willing to jump in and help other students whenever he could.  Guys like Justin make our campus an awesome experience for everyone!

Chris Weiss

Chris W. from Eagan completed his Professional Tractor Trailer Program on Friday February 3rd and is headed off to Schneider on Monday February 5th. He finished his training with instructor Phil Kampa who drove for Schneider prior to becoming an instructor with us so Chris is well prepared to do well in Green Bay.

More medical conditions mean more crashes: Driver study

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More medical conditions mean more crashes: Driver study

Here is an article by Larry Kahaner from Fleet Owner Magazine published on February 3rd:

Drivers with several health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, are more likely to be involved in a crash than truckers with only one condition.

While this conclusion may seem obvious, the numbers are striking. Of about 38,000 drivers whose medical and crash records were studied, those with three or more ailments had a crash frequency of 93 incidents per million miles compared to 29 per million miles for all drivers.

Essofa Moumouni

Essofa M completed his 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Training program and is headed off to Swift. Essofa passed his pre trip inspection test on the first try but did not make it past the first road test. With our support, he stayed focused and had no trouble with his second attempt and passed with no problem.  He then did a really good job on the finishing phase of his training with the Big Rigs.  He will have no trouble becoming successful as a professional driver.

Tyler Mulholland

Tyler is going to be very successful at McLane.  He paid attention 100 percent of the time and did a great job getting ready for his CDL road test.  His efforts paid off when he passed his first road test!

Tom Twining

Tom is a no nonsense guy that likes to get things done.  He pays attention to details so he will no doubt be very successful in the trucking industry.Tom is joining Knight Transportation partly because he wants the experience with manual non-synchronized transmissions.  He did a great job during his training sessions so he is well prepared.  

Winter snow storm

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Winter snow storm

We have some snow on the way into the Metro area tomorrow. Most will advise you to slow down and increase following distance. We suggest you intentionally drive SLOWER than everyone else. When you do that your following distance will naturally increase all the time. Be especially careful with bridge decks and down grades. Start down any hill significantly slower than the traffic around you. If you experience white out conditions, GET OFF THE ROAD! Here is the Federal Rule :

Dan Moore

Dan is one of those guys that asks a ton of questions.  We welcome his enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.  Everyone learns more with people like Dan involved in the training process.  

Anil T.

Anil started his training in early December and completed right after the first of the year.  He is starting 2017 off in the right direction and has gone to work for Reliakor Services.  


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