Jason Englund

Jason really applied himself and showed consistent improvement throughout his training process.  He was working while attending school and that demonstrates just how hard he was willing to work to achieve his goals.  

Rhonda Bernier

Rhonda is one of those people that we really enjoy working with.  She obviously had the potential to succeed and she had the drive to do the work.  We provided  support and encouragement along with the training program to help her "climb the mountain" and achieve her goals.  She will be a great driver and look forward to her Facebook posts in the future.

Gary Allman

Gary Allman brings a wealth of experience with him to complement our instructing staff. He has 30 year previous experience with UPS were he was also a Third Party Examiner. Gary also spent last five years instructing at the Century College truck driver training program until it closed at the beginning of March, 2017.



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American Trucking Associations (ATA) recently reported the driver turnover rate at large fleets fell ten percentage points to an annualized rate of 71 percent, the lowest in six years. The turnover rate at small fleets saw an even greater drop of 16 points, putting it at its lowest level in five years. 

James Hemphill

James H. from South Minneapolis completed his training last week. We are really going to miss him as he constantly added a sense of comradery and brotherhood while he was here. There are some people in life that when your paths cross it is like you are long lost brothers and that was our experience with James. He had some really nice things to say about our training upon completion that we sincerely appreciate. We know James will be successful in the trucking industry and everyone he meets will be better off as a result. 

Tanner Ladwig

Interstate Truck Driving School is approved by the state agency for students using their G I Bill benefits for education.  Since Interstate is also owner and operated by a U. S. Army Veteran, we have a strong commitment to assisting our Vets in every way possible.  Tanner demonstrated his commitment to his new industry while training with us and we are sure he will be successful out on the road.

Chris Reich

Chris Reich traveled all the way from Vista California to attend Interstate Truck Driving School. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations allow drivers to take training in a state they do not live in, take their CDL Road Test in the state they took their training, and then return to their home state to obtain their CDL. Most states cooperate in this system. Chris came to us because the testing delays in California are so long he could get the training and testing done quicker by traveling to our school.

Matt M.

Matt had a lot of things going on with his schedule so he took advantage of our online training materials. He really applied himself and passed his first road test with flying colors.  He hopes to go to work for a "Heavy Haul" outfit.


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