Lynn V.

Lynn V. from North Branch, MN is a Veteran who began training with us in late November. She knew that in order to be a successful truck driver she had to come in with a winning attitude and that she had to get the job done regardless of the weather. Now that she has her Class A CDL and her 160 Hour Training Certificate she has elected to drive for Werner. She'll be starting in early February.

Halvor Lines Recruiting Event

Halvor Lines Recruiting Event

A recruiter from Halvor Lines out of Superior, WI will be presenting at our South St. Paul location. Halvor Lines has hired quite a few of Interstate’s graduates and all of them that come back all have nothing put positive things to say about their experience.

Founded in 1968, Halvor Lines, Inc. found its niche by going above and beyond to help our customers meet their hauling needs, and has built on that legacy every day since. Our 900 trailers and over 360 power units have continually moved goods--and people--across the 49 states and Canada safely and on time.

Said Omar

Said Omar came to Interstate looking for a Class A CDL. He took our Professional Tractor Trailer Course and now has his Class A and his 160 Hour Certificate. He's torn between driving for Werner and Swift. And that is what makes not juist our school, but the truck driving industry one of a kind. Said will be able to pick and choose where he goes to work. 

Tyrone Henry

Tyrone Henry came to our school to get his Class A CDL. During the course of his training, he ran into some health issues and needed to put his training on hold. With our course flexability, Tyrone was able to take the time he needed to heal. He came back when he was ready and finished his training. He has his Class A CDL and his 160 Hour Certificate so he can go to drive for any of the nearly 40 companies that we work with. 

O'Jay M.

O'Jay just graduated from Interstate's Professional Tractor Trailer program and is now a full fledged truck driver. He's got the 160 Hour Certificate along with his Class A license and now he can go to work for any of the close to 40 truck driving companies that have hired our students. 

Muhiadin M.

Muhaidin M. from Minneapolis, MN came to Interstate looking for a new career. He wanted to learn how to drive semi-trucks, but at the same time he's a pretty busy guy. Luckily we offer online training for him to get his Classroom and coursework done from home, along with flexible scheduling to meet his needs. 

Abdourazak M.

Abdourazak M. from Minneapolis, MN came to Interstate looking for a new career. But what career can offer you good pay, benefits, a retirement plan and not put you in debt for decades? Truck driving. Abdourazak knew this and he decided to become a truck driver. He took our Professional Tractor Trailer program and now he's going to be able to get a job with any of the close to 40 truck driving companies we work with. Currently he's looking to drive for either Schneider or Swift.

West Side Transport Recruiting Event

West Side Transport Recruiting Event

Kristopher Gordon from West Side Transport out of Cedar Rapids, IA will be visiting our South St Paul location to talk about the opportunities they have for drivers. We have had many students go to West Side after graduating and have come back with great things to say.

At West Side Transport, we work hard to exceed customer expectations in a safe, time-efficient and mutually profitable manner. We work to fulfill our mission of providing total quality service to our customers through teamwork, innovation, integrity, hard work and partnering.

Feisal W.

Feisal W. from Minneapolis just graduated from our 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program. Now that he has his Class A CDL and his training certificate he will going to drive for Dart out of Eagan, MN.


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