Simulator Training

At the present time, we are the only truck driving school in Minnesota using sophisticated Truck Driving Simulators for training new drivers.  Many of the large trucking companies use these same simulators as continuing education for truck drivers in their fleets.

These simulators are very powerful tools and we use them to complement our training.  The benefit to you will be better shifting skills before you start out on the road with a Commercial Vehicle.

And let's make one thing perfectly clear:  You will receive as much as, if not more, on the road training with Interstate Truck Driving School then any other school in the state of Minnesota.  We put that in writing so you can be assured.  The simulators are an addition to our training and they do not replace on the road time. Students will reach a higher level of skill and confidence with the benefit of using the simulators before they go on the road.

And here is proof of the power of the simulators: One of our retired instructors, Gary Allman, worked for a state college for six years as a truck driving instructor.  After he had worked here one month, he realized the benefit of the simulators and made the following unsolicited comment "Boy, you made a believer out of me.  My students do so much better than where I worked before.  I can teach them so much more as a result of their skill set when they start out on the road."

Interstate Truck Driving School is successful when our students are successful.  We have a passion for what we do and take a sincere interest in helping our students obtain the employment they are looking for to support their families.

Please stop in for a tour to check out our simulators.  We are very proud of our facility and love to show it off.  Call our office at 651-735-9250 to schedule your personalized tour today.