Matt Hacker

Matt Hacker is the newest member of our Customer Support Team.  He previously was a production supervisor for a national retail chain and has excellent customer service skills.  Matt is new to the trucking industry but he has immersed himself in learning about of the options available to our students.  Matt takes the time to get to know our students so he can find the best opportunities for them when they graduate from training. 

Matt is also an avid Vikings Fan so he is enjoying the 2017 Football season so far. 

Preston Molvig

Preston is the Training Vehicle Mechanic here at Interstate.  It takes a lot of maintenance to keep trucks running properly and Preston takes care of our fleet.  He is also a former student.

Josh Winger

Josh is in charge of scheduling Recruiter Visits from over 40 different trucking companys looking to hire our students.  He also manages our Online Training Program and social media. In addition, he uses his talents to produce our instructional videos.  He is very talanted at his video work creating up to date and accurate videos for our training.  Josh is a dad of two boys and a Vikings & Twins baseball fan.

Melissa Collins

Melissa is a paralegal and our office manager.  She has extensive experience in the corporate world and is in charge of working with the VA. and our Veterans that are taking training with help from the G.I. Bill benefits.Melissa enjoys riding her quarter horse, "Foley", and babysitting her grandsons Silas, Miles and Eli.

Bob Christensen

Bob is a former Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driving Examiner and he has extensive experience in the trucking industry. He teaches our morning classes with a direct and fun demeanor. Students will greatly benefit from the years of experience that Bob has, and the knowledge that he brings into the classroom.

Bill Collins

Bill is the founder and sole owner of Interstate Truck Driving School.  He has been licensed as a Professional Driving Instructor since 1979 and driving big rigs since 1975.  Bill has trained thousands of students over the years including police officers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and high school students.

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