"On the first day I started with Interstate I knew I was in the right place to get what I needed. During the training I felt very confident because the staff here makes sure you understand what you need to know and do to be successful. Definitely a 5 Star Truck Driving School!"

Oscar I. from Fridley completed his 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program today. Oscar did a great job on his training start to finish. He is not certain where he is going to work yet but one thing is for certain....there have never been so many opportunities for new truck drivers as there are now. Every day we turn companies away that are looking for drivers since we have so many great companies already recruiting our students. The latest industry reports indicate freight rates are continuing to climb. That means better opportunities for our graduates. We hear from former students on almost a daily basis and they all report "life is good behind the wheel". If you or anyone you know is looking for a great opportunity for a solid career with awesome earning potential, give us a call at 651-735-9250. We are here to help everyone we can that has a decent driving record, is reasonably physically fit, and has the right work ethic to succeed.

Thanks Oscar, we really appreciate your kind words. Stay safe and keep in touch.
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