West Side Recruiter Visit

Friday, October 13, 2017 - 12:00pm

NOTICE:    This event has been moved to October 11th @ 11am

Kristopher Gordon from West Side Transport out of Cedar Rapids, IA will be visiting our South St Paul location to talk about the opportunities they have for drivers. We have had many students go to West Side after graduating and have come back with great things to say.

At West Side Transport, we work hard to exceed customer expectations in a safe, time-efficient and mutually profitable manner. We work to fulfill our mission of providing total quality service to our customers through teamwork, innovation, integrity, hard work and partnering.

Our commitment to service is reflected in every aspect of our business:

  • We hire and retain only safe, service-oriented drivers and office personnel.
  • We compensate our employees at the high end of the industry pay level.
  • We operate late-model, state-of-the-industry semi tractors and trailers to maximize customer and driver satisfaction.
  • Our quality equipment maintenance minimizes equipment related service failures.
  • We invest in proven technologies to maximize paperless transaction processing with customers.


For more information on West Side Transport and other truck driving companies, give us a call at 1-866-860-4664. This recruiting event is open to the public.