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Trucking MN "The New Face Of Trucking: Women"

The October issue of Trucking Minnesota has a article that talks to a few women in the truck driving industry. Joyce Brenny who founded Brenny Transportation, Kari Rihm who is the president of Rihm Kentworth, and Ellen Voie who founded Women in Trucking Association. The article tackels many issues including being a minority in a male driven industry and what type of person it takes to be a truck driver. Here's a few quotes from the article. For more information on Trucking 

Q: The trucking industry is predominantly male. Hove you encountered any challenges being the minority?

Ellen: We need to be reaching out to the next generation and tell them that there are some challenges, but prove yourself and show you're capable. If you work hard and take yourself seriously, you will make it.What I hear (from other women) is that they really don't think about being the only women in the room until someone pointts it out. The industry is very accepting of women, for the most part. Unfortunately the ones who aren't (accepting of women) are the loud ones. But they are such a minority.

Kari: I am happy to explain that I inherited the business. But there are some people - competitors- that try to outsmart me or dismiss me. They say I have no right doing what I'm doing and that I should give up. 

Q: How do you overcome the negative talk?

Kari: I just confidently hold my ground. I also associate with my supporters. I don't hang out with people that deflate me. Life is too short to spend time with them. Also, I'm not going to back off because someone is telling me that I did something to upset them.

Joyce: When I was driving, I really felt I was treated well. I did have a very bad experience, which made it very difficult to stay in trucking. But I decided that I woulnd't put up with it and I wanted to run the show my way. I decided no one would ever take advantage of me again... and here I am thirty five years later.

Q: Do you think it takes a certain type of person to be in trucking?

Joyce: Just listening to the ladies, this group is showing that women in trucking have a sense of humor and you can't have thin skin. You have to be okay with the black humor that sometimes takes place.

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