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Great Opportunities for Women in Trucking

Here are some comments from an article WBTV.COM:

We’ve got news for you: Some industries, you may have never considered before are “HIRING,” and you’re exactly what they’re looking for. There’s even new recruiting campaigns to attract women to apply.

There may be no such thing as a “man’s world” for long! There is a huge shortage of drivers right now.

Driver Jodi Edwards and the “Women in Trucking Association” is trying to change that. They created a girl scout patch to show trucking isn’t just for men. And Jodi is now part of her company’s recruiting campaign.

“They are trying to tap what is potentially an untapped field of employees, and that's women. They can come and have a normal day job and they can go home at night,” said Edwards.


Here in Minnesota there are some funding programs available for women that would like to take the training required to obtain a secure job with a reliable trucking company.  There are local jobs available along with the traditional over the road positions.  The trucks are much easier to drive with automatic transmissions becoming the industry standard.


At Interstate Truck Driving School, we take pride in providing training that is tailored to the individual to meet each student's needs.  Students progress through the training at a comfortable rate for them.  We encourage our students to take their CDL road test when they are confident.  We provide them with the support and tools they need to succeed. 


For more information on programs and funding available for women, please call our office at 651-735-9250 and talk to Josh, Bill or Melissa.