Every staff member was helpful and they are willing to work around your availability. Classroom time is wisely split up with breaks to keep your attention focused on the material at hand. The instructors actually walk you through the steps in pre-trip preparation and also demonstrate the air brake check procedure. This school will be highly recommended if asked about. Phenomenal job!

Joshua F. came to Interstate with a plan to get his Class A CDL and begin a new career as a truck driver. After taking our 160 Hour Professional Tractor Trailer Program he now has more than just his license, he has a 160 hour training certificate to go with it. So now he can go to work for any of the nearly 40 companies that we work with that take our students straight from school. He's not sure which company he's going to drive for yet, but who ever he drives with will be getting a great driver in Joshua.

we'd like to thank Josh for not only choosing us as his training provider, but also having the drive and tenacity to get this done. We wish him the very best of luck with his new career.
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