The classroom was great. Bob was great on all the info he gave us. Josh was very helpful with the computer and web site and getting me setup for all the online courses, very patient with all my questions. Bill you have a great school and a great bunch of people working for you. I still hear the ABBC song in my head and really helped me in my pretest. Thanks, it was fun!

Joan from Bloomington, MN took our Professional Tractor Trailer program for one reason, and that was so she could go over the road with her husband. She tagged along with him for a while and was still able to get her classroom and coursework done via our online training while being over the road. She will be joining Pro Drive with her husband in the coming days.

We were very lucky to have Joan as a student. She was tenacious with her training and very kind hearted to us as a staff. We will greatly miss Joan, but we are very excited for her as she starts her new journey.
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