I can't imagine that there is a better truck driving school in the world. The staff was extremely helpful, friendly, and available. The training was always keeping me learning and prepared for my truck driving future. Attending Interstate Truck Driving School is like being with family. Bill Collins and his staff he has put together is incredible! The knowledge you gain from all of them will help develop everyone's skills, no matter what level you are when you get here....to the max! Bill, thanks for sharing your knowledge, ecperience, and love for trucking. It's not about the dollar at Interstate, it's about the student's success!

James H. from South Minneapolis completed his training last week. We are really going to miss him as he constantly added a sense of comradery and brotherhood while he was here. There are some people in life that when your paths cross it is like you are long lost brothers and that was our experience with James. He had some really nice things to say about our training upon completion that we sincerely appreciate. We know James will be successful in the trucking industry and everyone he meets will be better off as a result. 

Thank you James, we are grateful that you chose Interstate Truck Driving School and graced us with your time and quest for knowledge. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going.
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