I'm very satisfied with the training! The staff here was very supportive and assisted me with every part of training in one way or another. I knew that each member of the staff had a certain role, and when I needed assistance in certain parts of my training, I would ask and receive help with no hesitation. I really admire how the owner Bill Collins would take time to help. Thank you!

Bernard from Minneapolis MN, came to Interstate looking to get his Class A CDL back. He had previous driving experience driving trucks before, but was looking to get back into the industry. He was funded through the YWCA and breezed through our course, helping other students along the way, 

We'd like to thank Bernard for being such a great guy. He was very helpful, helping other students with their backing practice and Pre-Trip Inspections. He's not entirely sure who he's going to be driving for, but which ever company he ends up driving with will be getting a very good and safe driver. We wish Bernard the very best of luck.
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