The training was great! The classes were very informative. The instructors were very professional, patient and really showed that they take pride in what Interstate Truck Driving School has to offer. I really appreciate that the program is structured to meet the customer at what ever stage they come in at. Where Bill (the owner) says that this program is not cookie cut, he really meant it. This is the school I would recommend for CDL training for anyone that wants to get the proper training.

Barney C. from Maple Grove MN, just graduated from Interstate’s 160 Hour  Professional Tractor Trailer Course. He made good use of our online training as he did most of his classroom and coursework from home. We are so happy to see Barney take his next step as he is beginning his new career as a truck driver for Werner Enterprises. Check out Barney had to say about his time at Interstate Truck Driving School.

Thanks a lot Barney. We enjoyed working with you and wish you the best of luck.
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