Wisconsin Resident Training Programs

Interstate Truck Driving School also provides training programs for those who live in Wisconsin. If you want to get either your Wisconsin Class A CDL or your Class B CDL, we have programs designed to provide the very best training possible to help you pass your test. These programs use trucks with 6 speed transmissions that are easy to drive if you have experience with manual transmissions. Simulator training will be included and required to demonstrate shifting competency. The goal of these programs is to help you become comfortable with the truck you will be taking your test in and give you only the training you feel you need.

A Wisconsin Class D drivers license and a WI CDL permit required.  These tests are administered by a licensed third party examiner in the state of Wisconsin (Husdon) for $150.00 payable in cash to the examiner.

Please contact our office for more information on programs available to Wisconsin residents. 

Subject to change at anytime without notice.